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Mum & Daughter Bikini you’ve been missing

So you got your lovely swimsuit and ready to hit the pools or beach with your family? Great event to look forward to indeed ! How nice it would be if your daughter have a nice swimwear like you ? It is moments like this that makes the bonding memories last for years to come. […]

10 Most Amazing Beaches in South-East Asia you must go !

With world famous beaches, Southeast Asia offers a tonne of opportunities to enjoy the endless coastlines of the region. Become a beach bum and spend your days lazing on the sand, taking in the sun followed by a dip in the clear waters. If planning a beach vacation in the region, consider one of the […]

5 Simple ways to de-stress !

Stress affects almost 1 in every 5 adults in the working population. In fact, researches have shown that the body is designed to experience intense stress two or three times per month. Do not worry, here are 5 simple ways to de-stress, so read on; 1 Be proactive: identify what stresses you then work out […]