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Mum & Daughter Bikini you’ve been missing

So you got your lovely swimsuit and ready to hit the pools or beach with your family? Great event to look forward to indeed ! How nice it would be if your daughter have a nice swimwear like you ? It is moments like this that makes the bonding memories last for years to come. […]

Reversible bikini is the choice now.

A TRAVEL MUST-HAVE REVERSIBLE Every woman should always pack a bathing suit whether they go on a beach vacation or trekking the world! It is so light and versatile that takes up little of your packing space. Buying a Designer Bikini is more of a lifestyle choice than a need, and when you do it […]

6 Great Tips for your Skin & Hair after swimming


Swimming is good for your body and health but chemicals in the pool or sea water may be harmful to your skin and hair. Let us share how to refresh your skin & hair after swimming in the pool below. 1. Rinse It Off Immediately This is the most important tip on how to refresh […]

10 Most Amazing Beaches in South-East Asia you must go !

With world famous beaches, Southeast Asia offers a tonne of opportunities to enjoy the endless coastlines of the region. Become a beach bum and spend your days lazing on the sand, taking in the sun followed by a dip in the clear waters. If planning a beach vacation in the region, consider one of the […]

6 Reasons why you should go swimming now


At the end of reading this article, I trust you would grab your swimsuit quickly and have a good swim! Swimming is so beneficial for you that in fact, it is far superior than any other sports due the low impact activity. Not only it is a fun approach to shed pounds and get fit, […]

Fashion Runway – Swimsuit showcase

In collaboration with orchardgateway, Touch Me Swimwear managed to showcase some of the latest swimsuit trends on the runway. One of the unique style of Touch Me swimsuit is versatility with off the pool wear.   Concerted efforts had been spent on creating a Bikini top that gave a 3 dimensional feel and for someone […]

Bikini Shop in Orchard Road Singapore

Having trouble looking for a nice bikini in Singapore ? Touchme Swimwear opened a store in orchardgateway and offers a wide range of bikini for every woman ! Considering different needs and style of women, we recognised some bikini have to be modestly conservative yet stylish. Details are often our focus to bring out the […]

Care tips For Your Swimwear

When treating yourself to some gorgeous new swimwear for your next holiday, everyone expects it to last more than one summer. But all the chlorine, sun cream and exposure to sunlight can be damaging to your swimwear and leave it stained, faded or misshapen. To ensure that you maximise the life of your new bikini […]

Your Body shape and the right Swimwear

What kind of swimwear is suitable for me ? We all want that instagramable picture to post on our vacation and having a body confident swimwear to compliment is definitely attracts hundreds, if not thousands of ‘likes’. However, every woman has different shapes and proportions, so its always a challenge on our decisions. Fret not, […]