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8 benefits of sweating you never knew

Sweating gives the image of wet and dirty to you ? However, do you know there are many benefits of sweating ? We list up 8 heath benefits of sweating to encourage you to work your body out for a good sweat. 1. CLEANER SKIN A lot of toxins is building up everyday in our […]

6 Great Tips for your Skin & Hair after swimming


Swimming is good for your body and health but chemicals in the pool or sea water may be harmful to your skin and hair. Let us share how to refresh your skin & hair after swimming in the pool below. 1. Rinse It Off Immediately This is the most important tip on how to refresh […]

5 Simple ways to de-stress !

Stress affects almost 1 in every 5 adults in the working population. In fact, researches have shown that the body is designed to experience intense stress two or three times per month. Do not worry, here are 5 simple ways to de-stress, so read on; 1 Be proactive: identify what stresses you then work out […]