Fung La - Touch Me Swimwear

Fung La

mix and match
Creating different Bikini sets by Mix and Match combinations. White bustier Top easily matches any color bottom.
The design that truly accentuates your style on the beach. High waist Bikini bottom goes well with any top.


free your self
#freestlye #freelife #dowhatever. Ruffle designs on the front bottom Bikini brings out the style.
Be the shining star that you desire. Turning the attention to the frills, the off-shoulder Top gives style that no other bikini had ever designed.


Frills on bottom Bikini is like the whipped cream on you cuppucino, enhance the flavor.


best style
designs that cleverly brings the best of your style
A bold design by touchme swimwear to have 3 dimensional feel to your swimwear. Featured Bikini Top was inspired by Cherry Blossom.


Always have fun in what you do

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