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Scallop swimsuit is trending now

If you have not gotten a gorgeous swimsuit, this summer may be the best time to get your very own scallop swimsuit! Scallop designed swimsuit by Touch Me Swimwear had been launched last year but after some feedbacks, it was back to the design team to refine the favourite design and what’s more, the growing […]

Mum & Daughter Bikini you’ve been missing

So you got your lovely swimsuit and ready to hit the pools or beach with your family? Great event to look forward to indeed ! How nice it would be if your daughter have a nice swimwear like you ? It is moments like this that makes the bonding memories last for years to come. […]

10 Most Amazing Beaches in South-East Asia you must go !

With world famous beaches, Southeast Asia offers a tonne of opportunities to enjoy the endless coastlines of the region. Become a beach bum and spend your days lazing on the sand, taking in the sun followed by a dip in the clear waters. If planning a beach vacation in the region, consider one of the […]

4 Exotic Beaches with a Culture you must visit soon !


Are you looking for your next beach vacation? How about being able to explore some of the interesting venues where you can learn about the culture and enjoy the beaches at the same time ? Here are some of our favorites; Dubrovnik, Croatia If you are a Game of Thrones fan on HBO, here is […]

10 Essential Things To Pack in Your Carry-On Bag


Whether it is packing for a vacation, business trip, or mandatory family visit, it can be frustrating sometimes wondering what to pack. Well, not if you have the list of 10 essential things to pack in your carry-on bag below! 1. Collapsible Water Bottle Air in the plane is often dry and it is always […]