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6 Great Tips for your Skin & Hair after swimming


Swimming is good for your body and health but chemicals in the pool or sea water may be harmful to your skin and hair. Let us share how to refresh your skin & hair after swimming in the pool below.

1. Rinse It Off Immediately
This is the most important tip on how to refresh your skin and hair after dipping in the pool. You have to rinse your whole body off as much as you can quickly, even when you are not ready for the shower.
The chlorine and other chemicals within the pool water are not good for your hair and skin.So the best thing you could do is to rinse off with clean, fresh water. If you are at the pool, there is a rinse shower for a quick rinse. However, if you are at the beach, you may want to bring a bottle of spring water for a quick rinse for your hair and use a small towel to wipe your body if you have limited water.

2. Protect your hair before Getting In The Pool.
Prevention is better than cure. A hair mask can keep chemicals and chlorine from penetrating your own locks.
Spend a few seconds to massage the hair protecting product over your hair.

3. Use Shampoos That Prevent Chlorine Damage

If you swim regularly, look out for a shampoo that are designed to prevent chlorine damage to the strands.
Make use of them to prevent side effects of chlorine from damaging your hair.

4. Use A Good Moisturizer For Your Body
After rinsing off your body, apply a moisturizer to your whole body.
Go for a good quality one that is suitable for your skin type and for dry skin.
This will help restore the moisture to your skin and also prevent the tightness and dryness, especially under the hot sun.

5. Take Off Your Swimsuit Instantly
After swimming in the pool, do not keep wearing your swimsuit for long hours. This is not good for your skin as the swimsuit will be having those chlorine or chemicals in them. So,always change your swimsuit for dry ones to protect your skin.

6. Use A Vitamin C Rinse
If you are particularly prone to pool water and chlorine sensitivities, then you had better do a rinse of vitamin C after swimming.You can find these products in many sporting good stores, use instantly after swimming.

These 6 basic tips are things you should do after swimming if you really want to know how to refresh your skin and hair after a dip in the pool water.

Swim for health, care your body.

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