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10 Reasons Body Massages are important


A body massage is beneficial to your body for so many reasons that not only rejuvenate the body and soul but has a overall health benefit.

1. Faster body recovery

Full body massage can increases the blood circulation within the body which is an important factor in recovery process especially after a body injury.
The inducement of massage to the body will stimulate the blood flow and circulation which will help to flush away the toxins that accumulated when sustaining injury and it promotes better oxygen and nutrients being transported to the whole body.

2. Promotes Better milk production and easier breastfeeding
Stress hormones will have negative impact on breast milk production for women after delivery.
many studies had shown that a full body massage is effective in reducing the stress hormones which is present in the body. Ultimately, it will significantly increase better milk production and of course ease breastfeeding process.

3. Reduces edema ” water swelling ”
Edema is a condition of swelling in the hands and feet caused by excessive fluid within the body, especially during pregnancy.
Full body massage can reduce the excessive fluid by draining it throughout the body.

4. Saves Your From Pain in Pregnancy
Pregnancy comes with so much discomfort.
Apart from a growing tummy, there is the pain on the back, legs, joints, and ankles.
Such pains can be addressed by proper massage therapy including deep tissue massage and pregnancy massage.

5. Improves Your Mental Alertness
When you relax your body, your mind gets freshen up and come back stronger.
Massage has a relaxing tendency, especially the Swedish massage therapy.
This in turn helps to improve your overall mental alertness and body efficiency.

6. Decreases premature birth tendency
Recent Studies show that women who received prenatal full body massage have lower chance to give birth prematurely.

7. Boosts The Body Immunity
Stress and elevated fatigue levels will decrease the body’s immunity.
These two things can be relieved through massage hence boosting the body’s immunity.
This will improve the body’s functionality and the ability to fight off diseases and infection.

8. Helps victims of sexual and physical abuse to mentally recover
Studies had shown that full body massage can reduce anxiety and depressions.

9. For a glowing skin
Spa therapies like facials and body polishes uses gentle exfoliation techniques to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new cell growth which gives you healthy, glowing skin.

10. De-toxify your body
Sweat is essential for the skin to eliminate toxins.
Going in for spa therapies like body wraps promote sweating, which detoxifies the body and restores metabolism to its normal state.

Love Life, live well.

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