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10 Health Benefits of Salad you must know!


Have you had your salad today?

Here are 10 Health benefits of eating salad you must know !

1.Eating salads is a great way to increase your vegetable intake and vegetables contain antioxidants which help aid in booting the immune system.

2.By improving digestive health, eating salads can help protect the body from diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

3.A high-fiber diet helps you have soft, regular bowel movements, reducing constipation.
Salads are so varied, that they are exciting.

4. Salads help protect the body from diseases such as cancer and heart disease because they are high in fiber which improves digestive health.

5.The raw fruits and vegetables in a salad also are antioxidants.
Just add a hand full of blueberries and walnuts to a salad to up the health factor significantly.

6. Research has also shown that people who consume plenty of raw vegetables and good fat (olive oil) have a reduced mortality!Salads will help you live longer!

7.Do you hate that super full feeling and the bloating that happens after eating a fatty meal?
Salads help to fill you up, but they do not feel heavy nor do they make you feel lethargic.

8.There are numerous types of salads which means that everyone can have a different salad at the same table by simply adjusting the ingredients according to their likes and dislikes.

9.Choosing a salad is always quick and easy.
Anyone can easily make a salad and any place you choose to dine will probably have a salad on their menu.

10.Eating a salad will help reduce cravings for many other fatty foods.
Additionally eating a small salad before a meal will help prevent over-eating.

Eat well, live well.

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