10 Essential Things To Pack in Your Carry-On Bag


Whether it is packing for a vacation, business trip, or mandatory family visit, it can be frustrating sometimes wondering what to pack. Well, not if you have the list of 10 essential things to pack in your carry-on bag below!

1. Collapsible Water Bottle
Air in the plane is often dry and it is always a good idea to bring along a water bottle onto the flight. You don’t need to bring a big bottle but a smart way is to invest in an inexpensive collapsible water bottle where you can fill it up with drinkable water after going through security.

water bottle
collapse bottle

2. Essential Medications
Besides your prescribed medications, it is always recommended to bring basic essential over the counter medications (Anti-diarrhea, Anti-motion sickness, aspirin ) as well as preventive medications like insect repellents, first aid supplies like band aids, aloe gel for sunburns. It would be wise to pack it small into a handy, easy to reach and identifiable pouch

Do not pack it into your checked luggage, as you may run the risk of not able to get medications away from home, should your checked luggage gets lost.

first aid
first aid kit

3. Phone/Tablet Charger
Nowadays, most maps, information , accommodation vouchers, train tickets as well as flight tickets are paperless and stored in your phone or tablet. No matter how great your phone or tablet’s battery life is, don’t assume it’s going to have enough power when you need it. Keep your charger with you in case your phone / tablet needs a quick boost, especially if all the information you need to get from point A to point B is saved in your email inbox.

4. Any Documents You Need Throughout the Trip
Of course, keep your wallet, passport, and flight tickets out of your suitcase. Also, if you have physical tickets (train tickets, concert tickets , etc), pack those in your carry-on. And it’s a smart idea to print out tickets, directions, and itineraries that you’ve stored on your phone just in case.

travel docs

5. Any Valuables

Luggage thief is not uncommon, so always keep your camera, jewelry, laptop, and other luxury or expensive items with you at all times.


6. Entertainment
Unless you get a window seat but unless looking out the window is enough to keep you occupied throughout the flight, bring a book, magazine, game, or other source of entertainment. When you are occupied and entertained, your time seems more bearable in the confined space.

7. A Change of Underwear
Keep a change of underwear with you in case your luggage gets lost or you want to freshen up post-flight.

8. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Facial Wipes
Give your final destination a good first impression by brushing your teeth and washing your face before leaving the airport. A travel pack is easily available over the counter and shouldn’t take much of you carry-on space.

9. Location-Appropriate Clothes
Always check the weather before boarding the plane. Even if you are heading to those tropical designations, it is recommended that you have a cardigan or pullover to keep yourself warm in the plane, as well as chilly nights during your vacation.

10. Personal Panic alarm
Especially for solo women travelers, traveling to high risk countries, it is always recommended to carry a small, lightweight, easy to carry and use. Keychain alarm is good for those walking, running, trekking trips. Besides that, it is also useful for elderly as a panic and medical alarm to alert immediate responses.

personal alarm

While this is not extensive, it may be just the basic essentials you may need to carry. Plan well to travel well. What’s in your pack and do you have more than these 10 items ?

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